June 4, 2020

Below is a list of common questions patients may have regarding their orthodontic treatment during Covid-19. More information can also be found on our social media pages- please follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram for live updates.

My brace is broken. Can I book an appointment for this to be repaired?

Due to the current government guidance given, we are limiting the amount of treatment types we can offer at this time. If your brace is broken and causing problems, we request that you call our advice line on 07926529032 and one of our clinicians will be able to give you advice over the telephone. The emergency telephone hours can be found on our answering machine message.

I have a problem with my brace. Can I adjust it myself?

If you have a long wire, loose bracket or some other issue that is causing irritation then it is often possible to make the brace comfortable at home. Videos on how to do this can be found on the British Orthodontic Society website. Alternatively, please call our advice line on 07926529032.

I have a routine appointment coming up that was booked before lockdown. Do I still attend this?

To allow us to carry out treatment in a safe environment, and as per NHS/HSE guidelines, we have had to make significant changes to the way we see patients. Therefore, we have cancelled all future appointments and we will contact you by telephone to advise you of your new appointment date/time. We will be allocating appointments to patients on a priority basis, as determined by the clinical team, and in a chronological manner thereafter.

Please do not come to the practice if you have not got an appointment. We will not be able to see you.

My brace was due to come off at my next appointment. Will this still happen?

Brace removal, and many other treatment types, produces an aerosol where tiny particles are produced and can linger in the room. This is a potential route of virus transmission. Therefore, enhanced PPE is required to keep both patients and staff safe. Currently, this PPE is not available and therefore brace removal cannot be carried out.

I have received a letter from my GP advising me to shield at this time. Can I still attend for my appointment?

The government have recently reduced the restrictions on people “shielding”. These groups, however, still remain at high risk and contact with others outside of their households should still be limited. As per the advice given on the website “Shielding is for your personal protection and it’s your choice to decide whether to follow the measures we advise”. As such it is the decision of the “shielded person(s)” to decide whether it is appropriate to attend the clinic for an appointment. Please inform us if you have been advised to shield by your GP.

If I just turn up at the practice. Will I be seen?

In order to operate safely at this time we have put many procedures in place, and as such we request that you do not attend the practice unless we have contacted you to arrange an appointment. If you attend the practice without an appointment, we will not be able to accommodate you and you will be turned away.

Will my treatment be longer due to the lockdown and practice closure?

It is highly likely that estimated treatment times will be extended slightly due to the lockdown situation.

Due to lockdown, I haven’t been seen for months. Will this damage my teeth?

It is rare for serious dental problems to occur as a result of extended intervals between appointments. However, we will carry out a thorough examination of your mouth and teeth at your next appointment and inform you of any problems. At this time it is especially important to ensure that you look after your brace and keep your teeth clean by following our oral hygiene advice. Poor oral hygiene can cause permanent damage to teeth so it is important to ensure that twice daily, thorough brushing with the use of interdental aids is maintained.

At my last appointment I was told to wear elastics. Do I still need to wear them?

We are advising patients who are wearing elastics to just wear their elastics at night until we see you next.

I have run out of elastics and/or wax. Is it possible to get some more?

We can post more elastics and wax out to you. Please email the practice at including the patients name, DOB, postal address and we will post more out as soon as possible.

I have noticed spaces opening between my teeth. Is this normal?

Orthodontic treatment invariably causes space to spontaneously open and close. If you notice spaces opening during your treatment, please rest assured this is normal and most spacing will be closed during the course of your treatment. If you are concerned, please contact our advice line on

My wire retainer has broken. Can I be seen for this to be repaired?

Due to the current government guidelines we are not able to carry out all types of treatment. If your wire retainer has come off or come loose, we request that you increase the wear of your removable retainer to prevent your teeth moving. If the wire is causing irritation, this can be removed by the patient if necessary- videos are available on the British Orthodontic Society website. Alternatively please call our advice line on 07926529032. Please check our website or follow us on Facebook/Instagram to keep updated on when our normal services will resume.

My removable retainer has broken or is lost. What can I do?

In the event a retainer breaks or is lost, we request that you contact the practice via email ( We will then be able to make an appointment for you to have the retainer replaced or repaired as soon as normal services are resumed.

My removable appliance or ‘plate’ no longer fits. What should I do?

Sometimes if a baby tooth is lost or if wear of the appliance has reduced, a removal appliance may no longer fit. If the appliance is causing pain you will have to stop wearing it and we will reassess the continuation of your orthodontic treatment at your next appointment.

I have had some teeth extracted before starting my orthodontic treatment but my appointment to fit my brace was cancelled. What happens now?

Rest assured your orthodontic treatment will commence as soon as it is safe to do so. We are currently limited in the type of treatments we are able to carry out, as per government guidelines. When it is possible, one of our reception team will be in contact to reschedule your appointment.

Are you taking on new patients at the moment?

If you are interested in orthodontic treatment please email us on and one of our treatment coordinators will be in contact to discuss this further. If you would like to be referred for NHS-funded orthodontic treatment then please contact your General Dental Practitioner who will make a referral if necessary.