NHS Treatment

Only children who meet strict criteria are eligible for NHS treatment. These children need to be referred by their General Dentist. For those who do qualify, we provide the Damon standard metal braces. Routine appointments are available between 9 am and 3.30 pm. It is important to be aware that there is an initial waiting list for the first consultation and a further waiting list to commence treatment. This is due to the high demand for orthodontic treatment at Bath Orthodontics. In addition, NHS treatment is currently restricted to a ‘quota system’ and limited funding from the NHS. This applies to all practices in the UK and is not specific to Bath Orthodontics. However, we are working very hard to keep these lists to a minimum.

For patients that do not qualify we offer an Independent/Self Funded Treatment that closely resembles the NHS fee structure, there is also a private treatment option.  Treatment costs can be spread over 12- 18 or 24 months with our interest free credit and can be as little as £54.00 per month. This can be extended further but this would incur a variable interest rate. Please contact the practice to discuss this further.

During the initial consultation, the treatment plan is usually defined and the eligibility of a child for NHS treatment will be determined by the criteria set out by Government. These assessment appointments are free for children aged under 18.