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Orthodontics is the alignment of teeth. The main benefit is to create straighter teeth with a smile that is wider and more attractive.

Yes, there is no age limit although it is easier to move teeth in younger people.

A brace will not be fitted at this appointment. We will use the time to thoroughly examine your teeth and in most cases a provisional treatment plan and costs will be presented. We will take into account your concerns, your dental development and your oral hygiene.

This involves wearing a brace (appliance). All braces work on the same physiological principle suing gentle pressure to move your teeth and supporting bone...

There are two types of braces, fixed and removable. Different combinations of braces may be used to treat individual cases. Removable braces are used for simple treatment, and work by exerting gentle pressure. Fixed braces give more precise guidance and have brackets attached to the teeth. See more information about the various type of braces here...

Quite possibly, but do not be discouraged. A few hours after fitting your brace your teeth may well feel tender and sore. This discomfort may last four to five days and a mild pain killer may be necessary.

You can eat most foods but it is advisable to avoid eating hard and chewy food that can damage your brace, for example, ungrated raw carrot or biting on ice cubes...

Keep brushing like you did before, but remember to brush your brace as well. Use a soft brush and toothpaste and make sure you clean every nook and cranny so your teeth and braces are spotless. We will show you how to take care of the brace and teeth during the brace fitting visit.

This depends on your age, your bite problem and how well you cooperate with your orthodontist. Most people need to wear a brace for about 12 to 24 months. However, you can make a difference by looking after and wearing your braces properly. Broken braces and missed appointments will slow your treatment down.

Generally your brace will need adjusting every six to twelve weeks depending on the treatment needs. These appointments are requested by the orthodontist at every visit.

Treatment costs depend on the type of brace you choose and severity of the case. We offer easy monthly installments to suit your budget. Many of our patients choose our interest free option. Please visit our Costs and Finance page for more information.


“A very big thank you to you and your staff for such wonderful care and treatment over the last three years.”

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